Coir Disk and Coins

Allwin Compressed Hydroponic Substrate Discs

  • Allwin Hydroponic Discs are available in various sizes specifically designed for growing Gerberas and Stawberries.
  • Gerbera Discs are designed for growing in pots and Strawberry Discs for Vertical Growing systems.
  • Allwin hydroponic coir substrates are 100% organic, free from chemical additives and soil disease. Whether you grow in high tech glasshouses or low tech poly tunnels, we can supply you with the best Hydroponic Coir Substrates.

Coir Disk and Coins Advantages:

  • It fits right to the nursery tray.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Soak or add some water until the pressed disc expands to required volume.
  • It need no fertilizer, therefore it is suitable for quicker seed-germination.
  • It has the strong ability to make any plant grow to bear flowers or seeds to germinate.
  • It can be used as growing medium for well grown plants.
  • It is designed especially for the Nursery Growers.
  • Available in different weights and different dimensions

Washed Coir Disk and Coins Specification:

  • EC: < 0.5 ms/cm
  • pH : 5.5 – 6.5
  • Testing method 1:1.5
  • Moisture : 15 to 20%
  • Sieve Mesh : 4mm or 6mm or 12 mm

Available diameter and weight

  • 2 to 4mm dia: 20gm weight
  • 3 to 4mm dia : 30gm weight
  • 6 to 7mm dia: 40gm weight
  • 20 to 28mm dia: 60gm weight
  • 40 to 50mm dia: 80gm weight
  • 100mm dia: 50gm weight
  • 100mm dia: 100gm weight
  • 100mm dia: 150gm weight
  • 100mm dia: 200gm weight