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About US
Allwin Coir Products began in 2004 as a manufacturer and exporter of Cocopeat and coir related products. Utilizing the best manufacturing facilities, Allwin Coir Products provides a consistent quality in all their products.
Our primary aim is to provide premium quality products to global customers with their specified requirements. We are a registered member of Coir Board, India (Approved by Government of India). Our factory is situated in Tamilnadu, India.
We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting of Cocopeat (Coir) products. Our Cocopeat product meets international standard. We are manufacturing Cocopeat 5 kg blocks, Cocopeat 650 gm briquettes and Cocopeat grow bags (slab).
Our products are exported to various countries including Italy, Israel, Korea, Netherlands, Spain and USA
Our commitment:
  • Providing Premium Quality product.
  • Make Customer Satisfaction.
  • Meet Customers Expectation.
  • Deliver on Time.
  • Competitive Price.
  • Strict Quality Control.
  • Well Equipped Machineries.
  • Highly Qualified Staffs.
  • Close relationship with customers.
Raw Material
The raw material i.e. pith are gathered from various fibre factories after performing strict primary quality tests such as EC, pH, free of weeds and sand etc. Only the material that passes the primary test will transfer to our factory.
Quality Control
We are maintaining quality in each level of production process from collecting raw materials till the product shipment by testing EC, pH, Expansion, free of weeds and sand. We have a separate quality control laboratory which is operated by highly qualified staffs.
Our expertise quality team having more than 10 years of experience in quality control. Their testing is stick into international quality standards, and uncompromising the product quality.
After washing, drying, screening then the pith is compressed into bales, briquettes or grow bags. After that we measures quantity of water enlarges i.e. Expansion on the bales and do one more cycle of quality test to make sure EC, pH are in control.
We are having good manufacturing facilities. Our current manufacturing capacity is 300 tons per month, and planning to increase it in future. We are manufacturing Cocopeat 5 kg blocks, Cocopeat 650 gm briquettes and Cocopeat grow bag.
Container Loading
The above products are loaded in container by floor loading or by palletized loading. The individual pallets gets sink wrapped. The loadable quantity is depends upon the products, palletized or floor loading, size of container (20 ft / 40 ft). Normally we use Methyl Bromide for container fumigation process.
We are nearer to Tuticorin port, which is a famous port in South India and get connected to major ports around the globe. We are closely working with our shipping agents to get best freight prices and to deliver on time. We guarantee that our container reaches your specified destination port safely, efficiently and effectively.
Our Market
Our market services spreaded around the globe,
  • Egypt
  • Ethiopia
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Israel
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • South Korea
  • UK
  • USA
  • West Indies